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PTL Prayer Warriors! Here's the Current List of Praise Reports and Prayer Requests.
May God Continue to Bless us One and ALL in 2013!
Please feel free to add to or subtract from the (Praise and Prayer Lists) list by replying to this email with WOGGFC Prayer Group in the subject line. 
PRAISE REPORTS – Aug 12, 2013
Let everything that has breath PRAISE The Lord! Psalm 150:6
(NEW) Sallie Temple will celebrate a birthday on August 13, 2013!
(NEW) Curtis Hicks will celebrate a birthday in August, 2013!
(NEW) Pastor and Mrs. Whitfield Scott will celebrate their 59 Wedding Anniversary in August! He will celebrate his 81 birthday in August also!
(NEW) Mrs. Jane Wallace celebrated her 90 birthday this month and returned to her home in better health!
ElAmin Family returned home safely from vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC!
Piney Grove Baptist Church, Scottsburg, Va., celebrated another wonderful Homecoming Day on Sunday, August 4, 2013. The Hicks-Howard, Walters, Warner, and Temple families traveled to Scottsburg and back safely.
PRAYER LIST – Aug 12, 2013   
“…Pray one for another, that you may be Healed. The effectual fervent prayer of righteous persons avails much. James 5:16
“PRAY without ceasing!” 1 Thessalonians 5:17
(NEW) Stephanie, Will, Ghana, Renee, and Robert (All Food and Friends Volunteers) – Pray for safety along the hi-ways and byways, and for Peace and Blessings in each life and home as we do the work of the Lord by feeding the sick and needy.
(NEW) Mary C. Hicks – Pray for Healing from all health issues.
Ennis C. Allen – Passed away on July, 29, 2013. Pray for the Peace of God and comfort for his friends, family, and coworkers at HUD. His funeral was Aug 8, 2013.
Deacon Oliver Clark –Pray for Complete Healing and recovery from all health issues.
Pray for continued Healing and comfort for Juanita Hicks-Howard and Kathleen Walters of recent health issues.
Erick McLean and Christa Temple  – As we celebrate their official engagement, let us pray for a Godly and Blessed Engagement period and Marriage, with a continued healthy pregnancy and healthy baby girl.
Elder Leon Swanson – Pray for continued Healing and comfort of recent health issues.
Donald Mays – Pray for God’s Healing from throat cancer diagnosis.
Gerald Smith – Successful and complete healing from sever Diabetes and gangrene.
Deacon Joyce Hayes –Pray for Complete Healing and recovery from all health issues.
Phillip and Denise Williams – Safe Travels while on a mission trip to McDowell County Missionaries, McDowell County, WVA.
ElAmin Family – Pray for safe Traveling Mercies while on vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC, and back.
The Hicks-Howard, Walters, Warner, and Temple families – Pray for safe Traveling Mercies on their trip to and from Scottsburg, Va.
Let us all continue to pray for the safety of all US Military personnel and their families as they continue to risk their lives to keep America safe.
Trayvon Martin Family – Pray for continued comfort and strength after the unjust verdict rendered of their sons’ murder trial. Pray also for peaceful but effective demonstrations in support of Trayvon. Pray for the US Justice Dept. to do the right thing in the filing of Civil Rights charges.
Michael Gore – Pray for a complete Healing and recovery from a recent stroke.
Former South African President Nelson Mandela – Continue to pray for a complete healing and recovery from all illnesses.
Temple Family – Pray for Complete Healing, recovery, and strength for all health issues for Sallie and Robert; a successful job and career for Christa; and additional income streams for all.
Geanine’s (Friend of Maria Vaughan) – Pray for her Father who has been admitted to the hospital with an unknown illness. Pray for her other Father (Sam) who is in the hospital in critical condition suffering from liver failure. His doctors have said that he is not going to live very long without a liver transplant. Please pray that they both are Healed in The Name of Jesus, and have a full recovery!
Meme (Maria Vaughan’s friend’s boss) – Pray for her husband whose Leukemia was in remission, but whose cancer has now returned. He also has multiple tumors on his spine. He has been in Johns Hopkins hospital for over a month. His wife is struggling with two small children to take care of, juggling work, hospital visits, and taking care of the household by herself. Pray that the husband is Healed and that the wife remain strong in The Lord and otherwise through this challenging time.   
Garrick Baker (Son of Pastor and Sister Drake) – Pray that after his back surgery he is completely healed in Jesus’ Name!
Buddy (George) Bell – Successful and safe trip to Maryland and back to STL.
Mary Douglas – Pray for a good job in IT.
Maryam ElAmin – Pray for a successful Summer job
Deacon Willie Hicks – Pray for a better job and financial security
Troy Daniels – Pray for a good permanent home, job, and medical care
Joe Hicks – Pray for a speedy recovery from recent health issues
Tyrone Howard – Pray for continued, successful recovery of all health issues
Enez Burrell – Pray for successful Healing in Jesus Name
Thuy Nguyen – Pray for successful recovery from all illnesses
Reed Richardson – Pray for continued Christian growth and development
Esau Warner – Pray for relief from back pain and other issues.
Mr. and Mrs. Giulio and Donna Girardi – Pray for a continued healthy pregnancy and healthy baby boy (Leone Nehemiah Girardi).
Mr. and Mrs. Malik and Sabah ElAmin – Pray for a continued healthy pregnancy and healthy baby boy.
Pray for ALL who are pregnant that they will have healthy pregnancies with good pre-natal care, and healthy babies.
Gilbert Buster – Pray for a complete recovery from a stroke, heart, and thyroid issues
Jeanelle Williams – Pray for successful cancer treatment
Gary Schaeffer – Pray for successful healing of health issues and for a speedy and successful job search
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Schaeffer - Pray for continued good health
VernonAncrum’s Brother-in-law – Successful recovery from cancer
Dorothy Hollands’ Mother – Pray for healing
Tom Solwecki – Pray for successful recovery from cataract surgery on Feb 12, 2013
Maceo Campbell – Please continue to pray for him to recover from illness
Joyce Slemenda – Successful recovery from numerous serious health issues
Timothy Walker Family –Continued Healing of children’s illnesses and family issues
Mrs. Mary McCauley – Successful recovery from health issues
Jane Wallace – Pray for Successful Healing and rehab from Leukemia
Mr. and Mrs. Lamont Wallace – Successful healing and strength in taking care of his mother
Tanya Pinder’s Aunt Zelma – Continued successful Healing of heart issues. She is 96 years old
Mr.Rhonde (Fuzz) – Successful Healing from pool accident that left him paralyzed
Robin Roberts – Continued successful and complete Healing for various health issues
Mother of Denise Brown – Pray for Complete Healing from various ailments; strength for Denise, her Sister, and the rest of the family
Mary Flemming – Pray for complete and full recovery of health issues
Cpl. Wamsy – Continued success in passing military tests
Anita Winstead –Continued healing and successful rehab from a bad fall
Sheena Venable-Hicks – Continued recovery from health issues
Mattie Drewery (Big Beck) – Continued healing from second cataract surgery and all health issues 
Robin McDonald  – Continued healing from eye issues
Sterling Johnson  – Successful recovery from health issues
Kenneth Walters – Success in job search
Fred, Mary and all homeless people and families – Success in getting back on their feet
Anthony Moorman – Successful recovery from back problems
Minola Jolley  – Successful recovery from health issues
Mr. and Mrs. Rexall Dickens – Successful recovery from heart attack and other ailments
Laila Spann – Successful recovery from health issues
Darlene Crawford – Success in business and financial health
Jahlen Hanshaw – Successful Christian Walk
Felix Bell – Successful Healing (complete) from severe diabetes with therapy
Annette Bell – Pray for strength in continued support of husband and family
Rosalie Amarquaye – Successful Healing from diabetes and sight issues
Tony Bell – Successful Healing
Buddy Bell – Success in school
Alfred Jones – Successful Healing (can hardly see or walk)
Juanita (Temple Family Cousin in Texas) – Successful Healing
Aunt Doris Skinner – Successful Healing and Prosperity
Dot’s Aunt Yvonne’s husband – Successful Healing
Lucious Ingram – Successful Healing
Dawson Family – Successful results for financial and settlement issues
Prabha Papilla – Successful job search
Joy Rumore – Successful Healing from all health issues
Ruth Burrell – Success in Business ventures and career
Ray Smith – Success with financial issues
Jasmine Johnson - Successful career
Aaron Williams – Success in Business ventures
April Alexander – Successful career
Ronnita Coleman – Successful career
Stephanie Bowens – Successful career
Kiren Singh – Successful career  
Walter Webb – Successful career
David Churchman – Successful career
Jerome Jones – Successful and safe traveling mercies along the hi-ways and byways
Erick Mclean – Successful and safe traveling mercies along the hi-ways and byways
Pastor Michael Drake and Rev. Joyce Drake – Successful and safe traveling mercies along the hi-ways and byways
Car Salesman Don Okay – Success in Business Career
Va. StateTrooper T. A. Alger – Success in Career
All Barbers at Randall’s Barber Shop – Success in business and personal lives
Mike the Barber – Continued strength and successful recovery from addictions
Food and Friends – Continued success in Community Outreach feeding the needy.To be a Volunteer call (202) 269-6824 or visit their website atwww.foodandfriends.org
Let us pray for Spiritual Guidance for all engaged couples and/or about to be engaged couples, that God will lead them and guide them in love and wisdom.
Please continue to pray for ALL Churches, Pastors, Ministers, and Ministries and keep the following lifted up in your daily prayers:
Word of God Gospel Fellowship Church – Clinton, MD - Pastor Robert Mark Temple - Continued Success in writing and producing the Inspirational “The Word for Today” blog now on the World Wide Web, Facebook, and Twitter, currently blessing more than 20,000 readers and visitors, reaching people from all walks of life with responses from the USA to London to China! Also please pray for continued inspiration and direction for his (first) new book to be published and released later this year.
Pastor Temple was a recent guest on the Award Winning Ed Brown Show on July 17, 2013! The link is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kK-AuNXrg8 
The videotape recording is on YouTube “ED Brown Show 7 17 13”. The subject was “Encouraging our Youth through Education and Spirituality.” To God Be The Glory!
Continued Success of the WOGGFC “Praise and Prayer List”, additional Speaking engagements, “On Demand” Teachings by telephone, Worship Services by teleconference, especially for the sick and elderly, Community Service and Outreach including being a Food and Friends Neighborhood Distribution Partner, Evangelistic Ministries, Good News Fellowships, and additional income streams. Visit the website at: www.WordofGodGospelFellowshipChurch.com/blog.
First Guiding Star Baptist Church – Washington, DC. – Success in their search for a new Pastor; continued success with church growth and fund raising efforts. Visit their website at www.guidingstarbc.org.
Rock of My Salvation Christian Church MinistriesCarmel, Indiana Pastor Michael Drake and Rev. Joyce Drake – Successful planning and provisions for “Time of Refreshing” weekend retreat planning.
Bema Outreach Ministries – Upper Marlboro, Md. – Elder Leon Swanson – Continued success in ministering to ex-offenders through CAYA (Come As You Are).Visit their website at www.bemaoutreachministries.com  
Piney Grove Baptist Church and Sunday School – Scottsburg Va. – Pastor Whitfield Scott.
Lite of Jericho Baptist Church - St. Louis, Mo. – Pastor Reginald Rogers.
Ebenezer AME Church – Ft. Washington, Md. – Pastors Grainger and JoAnne Browning.
From The Heart Church Ministries - Suitland, Md.Pastor John Cherry II.
St. Peter AME Church - St. Louis, Mo. – Pastor Joe Nixon. 
Christ Southern Mission – St. Louis, Mo.
Philadelphia Bible Fellowship  – Philadelphia, Pa.
President Obama and Family – Safety, Strength, and godly wisdom while continuing to run this country to the best of his ability with God being his helper!
Let us continue to pray for successful years of harmony and productivity for all who love this country.
Let us also pray for cooperation from Congress concerning budget negotiations, health care, gun control, and student loans.
Let us all continue to pray for the safety of all US Military personnel and their families as they risk their lives to keep America safe.
Plane crash victims in San Francisco - Pray for the families who have lost loved ones, first responders, and Fire Fighters.
Train crash victims in Canada - Pray for the families who have lost loved ones, first responders, and Fire Fighters. 
Wildfire victims in Arizona and Western US – Pray for the safety of everyone that is affected by the wildfires in the Western part of the US, especially Arizona and California. Pray for the families, first responders, and Fire Fighters who have lost loved ones.
Let us continue to pray for all Parents, families, and schoolmates  of loved ones who are losing their lives in Prince Georges County, and especially Suitland High School. The Community needs to outlaw gun violence (all violence) to stop the carnage from happening again, and again, and again. (There have been at least 8 young people to lose their lives this year). Something drastically different needs to happen to prevent  this from continuing to happen in our society today.
All Students (young and old), currently enrolled in school(especially in Prince Georges County, MD)– Pray that God will keep them safe from GUN VIOLENCE  and help them to successfully utilize the Spiritual and natural Gifts they will acquire to help others around the world.
Please continue to pray for the recently freed young ladies who were held captive in Cleveland, Ohio, for many years. Ask God to comfort the family and return them to the loving place they left with comfort and joy thanking God for His Grace and Mercy.
Tornado, Storm, and Flood victims – Please pray for the safety of everyone that is affected by the recent tornadoes and storms in the Midwest, especially Moore, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Texas.
Pray for all EMERGENCY workers and FIRST RESPONDERS who are assisting people, FEMA, Red Cross, Ministries, other good Samaritans and concerned citizens.
Pray for All Power Company workers, Police and Firemen – Success in helping people and businesses to have power restored as quickly as possible, all across this country.
Boston Marathon bombing victims, families, and friends – Please pray for the recovery and comfort due to this terrible tragedy. 
Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid – Pray that the budget negotiators between The White House and Congress find another way to cut the deficit other than these much needed programs.
Continued prayer and success for all who are fighting Foreclosure or need to Refinance or Modify their Home Loans.
The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) may be able to help. They can be reached at 1-888-302-6222 or www.naca.com on the web. This is a free service.
Pray for compassion by all Mortgage Companies whose decisions affect real people and families that seek Refinancing and Modification Home Loans.
Let us continue to pray for all who are affected by the senseless killings in Newtown, Ct.  Let us continue to have compassion and sympathy for the Parents and the families of the tragedy.
Let us continue to pray for all Parents and families of loved ones all across this country (especially in Chicago and Washington, DC, and other major cities) who are suffering loss from (gun violence) just as much or more but whose situations lack the media coverage of other situations.
Let us continue to pray for all who are still being affected by Hurricane Sandy and Winter storms; all who are assisting people, (FEMA, Red Cross, Ministries and other good Samaritans, and concerned citizens); all  families who have lost loved ones, homes and jobs, for we know that nothing is too hard for God!
Pray for All Emergency workers, Power Company workers, Police and Firemen – Success in helping people and businesses to have power restored as quickly as possible, all across this country, especially in New Jersey, New York, and California
Let us continue to pray for all Families and Nations, be they Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc. to be Naturally and Spiritually Healed; Blessed to live according to God’s Peace, Love, and Harmony daily, especially for such a time as this!
Success for all who are unemployed and looking for good Employment .
Pray for compassion, fairness, and mercy by all Employers whose decisions affect real people and families that seek employment .
Continue to pray for an end to the violence and wars in Egypt and the Middle Eastern part of the world.
Continue to pray for all Ambassadors, Embassies, and Troops around the world for safety and well being as they work and give their lives for the cause of Peace between Christians, Muslims, Jews, and others.
American Bible Society – Continued prayer  for successful efforts to provide Bibles for troops and others around the world.
Please feel free to add or subtract from the Praises and Prayer list by emailing me putting “WOGGFC Prayer Group” in the subject line. Thank you!IN JESUS' NAME!!! Be Blessed! Love to All!
Rev. Robert Mark Temple, Pastor

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